Pruna Castle

Pruna Castle, or rather Castillo De Hierro (it’s proper name), is a a small fortress sat on top of a 664m mountain, giving incredbile 360 degree panoramic views of the surrounding Andalucian landscape.

Towering over the small rural Spanish town of Pruna, this castle is just a short 25 minute walk from the roadside up a narrow and winding cobbled path.

The steep ascent is soon worth every step, the castle’s position making the most of the glorious Spanish sunshine. Sunrise and sunset just have to be experienced here.

Pruna Castle is just a short 10-15 minute drive from Olvera, making it easy to fall out of bed and hop in the car from a spectacular sunrise. The view of Olvera town from the top of the tower are really quite impressive, and it’s hard to imagine any of the fighting for control of the region that happened here in times gone by.

Figure stood on top of Castillo De Hierro looking out to Olvera at sunrise

Olvera town on the far centre left, from Castillo De Hierro.

View from the top of Castillo De Hierro looking out to white Spanish towns and mountains at sunrise

Pruna town from Castillo De Hierro.